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20 April 2011

Maafkan ak~

senak rsa didada nk wt cmn..bistighfar gn selawat shj yg ak mampu..xlupa bca Yasin slps mghrib..
ape dh jadi gn HATI ak ni…rsa cm ade ssuatu yg sntiasa sentap..xmpu ak nk gelak kuat2..seolah2  mggngu ak je..soal HATI,makan HATI,iri HATI,sakit HATI,cahaya HATI,mata HATI,kata HATI,penerang HATI…semuanya bermula diHATI..sekali lg terasa senak dihati..setiap yg hidup itu makhluk Tuhan..setiap makhluknya akan mati..bila tgk org yg mnjerit apbla kna buatan org yg iri ht rsa spt dri sndri yg tgh mnjerit..manusia oh manusia..telah lupa mn stu TUHAN mu..ak tmenung lg.smp bla ptt dterima rsa begini.mgkin Dia telah mberi ak ujian.ak redha.penangan air twr buat hati ak mkin senak.fkiran gn ht sma2 jd bingung.maafkan ak xdpt jd siapa dri ak....

if Allah is the most merciful, then why should He create hell??
why can’t He create only Heaven?
is this what we call the most merciful??
a man would say.. ”if God do not create hell, I would like to be the most richest guy in this world by any means..i would killing people and take their properties, bank robbing or even rapping all the beautiful girls I have seen..
after all, doing the evil things is more fun than being a good person..
this thing will happen if God only create the heaven.
Bad people, good people all will go to heaven..
then what’s the point of being a good person?
then human will no need to be tested by God anymore in this world..because..
everybody will ‘pass’ all the obstacles that God gives us for free .
A killer will meet the people whom he had kill in heaven and if he wanted to kill or rape again that person..he could do that in heaven also..
nobody will get punishment of what he did..
then where is the most merciful of God after all??
look..listen..and feels of the things surrounds you..who create all those beautiful things??
after thing for sure, everybody will die..and what happen next?
 nobody knows..but for us who believe in God..
we believe we will return to Him(our creator) and the things that we did in this world will be questioned…..

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